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We know that the internet can be overwhelming when researching information and/or resources for your child’s needs. Our therapists can provide recommendations for home equipment, books, listening programs, Autism resources, ADHD resources, vision support, or any other individualized areas of need for your child.  We are happy to provide any information you may need to feel competent and confident about the direction of your child’s therapeutic process. We have an abundance of parent resources, worksheets, FAQs, and online material to support your child and your family. Please discuss with your therapist if you have specific questions about information you find online, clarity about credible sites, or an overall direction for your research! For information about Occupational Therapy, please visit  (American Occupational Therapy Association). 

Positive Steps director, Dana Blumberg, has also been featured in Psychology Today discussing feeding therapy and strategies for “picky eaters.”  Click here to read the article.


Please contact your therapist for any other areas of support that you may need! 

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Fine Motor Milestones

All About Sensory Processing Disorder

The 8 Senses and OT

Sensory Guide to
Teacher Conferences

  • At what age should I seek treatment for my child?
    We firmly believe that early intervention is key for a positive outcome. At Positive Steps we treat children from 12 months -18 years of age.
  • Do you provide Sensory Integration treatment?
    Yes, we have a fully equipped state-of-the-art sensory gym. We also have therapists on staff who are Sensory Integration (SI) certified.
  • What should we bring to the first appointment?
    For the initial evaluation, please bring the intake forms and consent forms that have been emailed to you as well as any other evaluations that you may have for your child such as: Individualized Education Plan (IEP), report from a neurologist or developmental pediatrician, other past therapy evaluations, etc. If your child has a speech device or any alternative means of communication, please bring it to your sessions.
  • What should I expect from a treatment session?
    Once a child has an evaluation, a plan of care is developed based on the child’s specific areas of need. Specific goals are created in collaboration with caregivers and targeted during each treatment session. Caregivers can observe the sessions and will always be brought back a few minutes before the end of the treatment to discuss the session and to be provided with activities to be carried over at home. Any other therapist involved with the child will be contacted (with parental consent) to make sure everyone is working on the same goals. Contact with the teacher will also be highly recommended for a better understanding of the child’s performance in different environments and to provide the teacher with any suggestions he/she may need for the child to get the most out of their academic experience.
  • How long does treatment last?
    Individualized Occupational Therapy depends on the severity of the sensory processing and motor delays of each child. Therefore, it is difficult to put an exact duration of time on therapy as we are dealing with the human body. However, our goal is to progress your child as quickly as possible towards independence, happiness, and optimal performance in all areas of their life. Therapy sessions focus on goals and objectives that are used to measured and determine progress throughout each session. The individual therapy session lasts for 45 minutes.
  • What does an Occupational Therapy evaluation include?
    Our evaluations are conducted in accordance with American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) guidelines and focus on all areas of your child’s functioning- self-care/activities of daily living, visual perceptual skills, fine and gross motor skills, sensory integration, and executive functioning. Our evaluation process includes standardized testing of gross and fine motor skills and visual perceptual skills when applicable, clinical observation, and informal assessment of sensory processing skills, primary reflexes, and executive functioning skills.
  • Why does my child need an Occupational Therapy evaluation?
    The evaluation determines your child’s strengths and weakness in various areas of development. A baseline is needed in order to measure the progress during your child’s course of treatment. We use the information gathered during the evaluation to determine the treatment plan and create specific goals and objectives. Depending on the age of the child and the reason for their OT referral, the evaluation usually takes 1 ½-2 hours. After the evaluation, we discuss the results with the parents/caregivers. Standardized tests will not be scored at the time of the evaluation, but a detailed comprehensive written report will be provided with the results of the testing in the weeks following the evaluation. Through clinical reasoning and observation during the evaluation, a recommendation will be made if your child will benefit from therapy services.
  • Will you communicate with the school system?
    Absolutely. At Positive Steps we feel that it is very important to speak to any therapists, neurologists, therapists, teachers, etc. involved with your child. Once we have authorization from the parents/caregivers, we will contact the other members involved to maximize the child’s potential across all learning environments. We can also provide information about how to navigate receiving services through your school system.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    There will be no charge for therapy if the cancellation is made the day before the therapy session. Cancellations can be made via email or by phone. If the cancellation is not made at least 24 hours prior to therapy, the regular charge for therapy will be entered on your account. (Your insurance will not cover this charge.) The reason for this policy is that when we receive cancellations early enough, we can schedule other clients during that open time. Same day cancellations due to illness or family emergencies are exceptions. Excessive cancellations will result in our request to change your standing appointment.
  • Can sessions be rescheduled?
    Individualized therapy sessions are a reoccurring standing appointment each week. If an appointment needs to be changed, we will do our best to try and accommodate the change based on the treating therapist’s schedule.
  • Does Insurance cover Occupational Therapy services?
    Positive Steps is out-of-network with all insurance companies. Our office helps every way we can by providing invoices with all of the codes and progress reports when requested by the insurance company. The parents/caregivers are responsible to pay directly for services and then file for a reimbursement from their insurance company.
  • What are the Hours of Operation?
    Our office hours are 5 days a week, Monday through Thursday from 8:00am-7:00pm, as well as Saturday mornings.

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For the holiday season, we have combined all of our favorite toys and activities that would be fun and beneficial for your child. Feel free to chat with your therapist for more suggestions! 

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