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Dana and the entire Positive Steps staff are extremely dedicated to each child and their family. Their commitment to my child’s growth is shown in their ability to create a specific treatment plan for my child including weekly visits to their amazing facility, home exercises and communication with the OT at school. With their intervention, I continuously see my child make tremendous strides in her development.

Debbie M.

Knowing that my child was in such expert and kind hands, made all the difference.  I really don’t know how to express what that means as the caregiver to a child but also as a professional in this field.  You were patient, thoughtful, creative, intelligent, and knowledgeable.  I truly can’t thank you enough.  I walked away feeling positive and really understanding what was happening.  You are fantastic!

Dana R.

We are so grateful to the team at Positive Steps for showing us how to maximize our son’s potential. In additional to our weekly sessions, the team came into our school to offer strategies on how to improve the learning environment. Our son is now engaged in the learning process and his attention span has improved significantly. The team at Positive Steps went above and beyond to integrate strategies beyond our sessions, into school and our home. We are so lucky to have Positive Steps on our team.


My son had occupational therapy sessions both at his school (so convenient) and at the Positive Steps gym (amazing facility) to work on improving his core strength and handwriting skills. After working with the amazing occupational therapists at Positive Steps, my son made tremendous progress. He is now proud of his handwriting. A coaching session with Molly gave ME the tools I needed to help review and reinforce what my son learned during his OT sessions. Molly provided me with numerous materials and techniques - including a fun flip book of hand strengthening exercises. Beyond the wonderful work during the OT and coaching sessions - the communication between Positive Steps, me and my son’s school was responsive and effective. I am so grateful for the support from Positive Steps!  

Jessica A.

I can’t say enough about Positive Steps OT! Where to begin?  

Adi, the smiling face at the front end of the office is amazing. She always has an encouraging word when she saw or heard worry or hesitation in my voice about my daughter.  She helps with scheduling and all the paperwork to set you up with a therapist.  

Speaking of therapist, my family owes a debt of gratitude to Laura. She is extremely professional, courteous, hard working, gentle and a kind soul. She has helped our daughter navigate multiple emotional and physical diagnosis. Laura has gone above and beyond anything we could have imagined. She tailor made items just for our family to add a personal touch to help our daughter. We have been with Laura for almost 3 years. We love her so much, we brought our son to her as well now!  

Elena B.

Finding positive steps has been a lifesaver for us. The team here has been an amazing resource as we learn how to meet our child's needs and have identified traits/challenges/opportunities that we had not noticed on our own. The team is so available to our child but also to us as parents. They work with our child's school and teacher to build a true network of support. Dana has a gift with children and I see how she works to learn my child and figure out how best to support them. I feel she genuinely cares about my child's well being and success. We feel so lucky to have found her and her team! 

Helena P.

Rae has grown tremendously since working with Molly. She came into Positive Steps reactive and often oppositional, and I found her so much calmer after each session. Her fine motor skills improved, though that wasn’t even the reason we joined the practice, and I found her more able to self-regulate in difficult moments. Her teachers told me she was the most transformed of any child by the end of the year in school.

Alexandra R.

Jan is an incredible therapist. She is patient, understanding and constantly helped move the bar to ensure Caleb was not only meeting but exceeding his goals. She was not only available to discuss Caleb's progress in therapy but was a helpful resource to bounce ideas off of, share concerns and just provide general advice. She made therapy a "fun" experience and in the 18 months Caleb saw her, he never once said that he didn't want to go or complain about his exercises. His teachers also frequently commented on the progress of his handwriting and his writing sustainability.


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