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Screenings and School Services

School Observations

Children can present differently in school versus home or within our sensory gym, a school observation may be indicated to assess their needs across different environments. This observation can be recommended by the evaluating/ treating therapist and/or caregivers. This observation is set up in conjunction with your child’s teacher or school director to focus on challenging times of the school day where OT may be indicated the most. School observations are an informal assessment tool to obtain a comprehensive view of your child’s needs/potential areas of dysregulation and possible accommodations throughout their day.


School screenings are completed with a formal screening tool to assess specific areas of concern. This tool is based on therapist observation within the classroom setting and teacher report. Depending on the results of this screening, the therapist will make a recommendation about the need for a formal evaluation. 


School-Based Sessions

Positive Steps has partnered with several local private schools to provide occupational therapy services within the classroom setting.  

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