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Hours of Operation

Monday –  Friday

8:00 am-7:00 pm


 Saturday mornings

Visit Us

66 West Mount Pleasant Avenue, Suite 204
Livingston, NJ 07039

Tel: 973-994-4464

Please note...

Positive Steps is a teaching facility.  We are happy to have individuals interested in Occupational Therapy complete their observation hours at our center.  If you are interested please contact the office via email or phone to schedule a day and time.

You must also submit proof that you are either in OT school, applying to OT school, or looking to make a career change into the field of Occupational Therapy.  If you are in high school please have your school counselor write a letter to show that Occupational Therapy is an area of interest.

Items that may be submitted as proof include:

  • Letter from a school counselor

  • Proof from your advisor if currently enrolled in college

  • Proof that an application was submitted to OT schools

  • A Resume

  • Letter stating where you are currently employed and if you are looking to make a career change

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